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Merc eVito

Electric Van: How This Will Affect Same Day Delivery Couriers

I am sure we have all heard of the Mercedes-Benz Vito and how amazing this van is but now they are bringing out an electric van. Urban Couriers use Vito vans for most of our same day delivery service however Mercedes-Benz Vans in Germany are planning to offer all its commercial van models with an electric drive.
This change will start with the eVito, which is apparently now ready to order, with deliveries starting from mid 2018. There will be further ranges of models starting from 2019.
In our opinion they are the leading van manufacturers and from sources they presented their holistic electric drive strategy at a van eDrive workshop in Berlin, Germany.

From sources they were not just focusing on the electric van itself, but they were focusing on a technological ecosystem which is tailored specifically to needs of customers’ business which all at Urban Courier Services will welcome with open arms. Their holistic strategy is based on five cornerstones, delivering an innovative solution which will cover the entire value chain for commercial users.
They have involved customers to co-creation and they play a central role in the product development, integrated their strategic partners and industry expertise into the process of their development. The new Mercedes Benz eVito will be the first production vehicle that has used this strategic approach to be developed. They believe that a commercial fleet must have the ability to meet transport needs both economically and competitively and that principle applies to all powertrains regardless of the type.

How Will This Electric Van Affect Same Day Delivery Couriers?

Due to the nature of the courier and same delivery service, there is a vast amount of fuel that is used along with the pollution emitted due to excessive acceleration, as traffic builds up and delivery drivers rush around. Now with the eVito coming soon, same day couriers especially in cities like London can really benefit from its efficiency.

Some of the Benefits that the Mercedes Benz eVito will bring:

This Mercedes-Benz eVito electric van ecosystem will include these following elements:

Merc eVito Electric VanIt has a robust and an intelligent infrastructure for charging
A connectivity solution for charging status with battery range and an optimum route planning in real-time
Consulting the eVAN Ready App and the TCO tool for analysis on driving behaviour and the overall costs. A function that will help same day courier owners to monitor and analyse the driving behaviour of their drivers.
A driver training programme for all electric fleets.
An employee training is particularly vital to the effective use of these electric vans in everyday business. This means that the right driving style can have a very positive impact on max range.

Urban Courier already use Mercedes-Benz Sprinters and Vitos and welcome this new ecosystem very much. Our management cannot wait to change our fleet to this innovation of electric drive.

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